Monday, August 1, 2011

Lesson 1: Complete Trust

A couple of days ago my hubby, Tim, was sitting on the couch with our little girl, Julia. She was throwing herself forward, completely unaware that there was any danger in what she was doing. She completely trusted him to catch her.
He started laughing and said, "She sure does trust me to be throwing herself forward so hard!"
I replied, "She has no reason not to trust you."

And the thought hit me...
"That is how I should be with my Father. I have no reason not to trust Him."

This all reminded me of a book I am reading by Micca Campbell, "An Untroubled Heart." In one of the chapters in the book she states,
"We were created to be like little children, dependent on the care of our Heavenly Father."
I want to learn, like Julia, to throw myself, my cares, burdens, concerns, etc. on my Father~completely trusting Him to catch me.
I have no reason not to.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burdens, the God who is our salvation.
Psalm 68:19

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