Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lesson 11: Come Just Like I Am

There are times during my day when I think I am going to complete a task and I get interrupted by a cute, little, brown-eyed girl grunting at me...and loudly might I add :) She does this at the most opportune when I am trying to finish the last load of laundry or put up just a few more dishes. In my mind I need to get those things completed on my time frame...but that isn't always what Julia has in mind. If it doesn't happen on her schedule, it doesn't happen!

I have to stop in those moments and ask myself if my menial tasks are really that important. What is important is that I answer that little grunt I keep hearing over and over again. What I love about Julia coming to me at any time like that is, she has no problem with trying to get my attention. She will crawl over to me no matter what I have going on. She knows I will answer her. She knows that I will always come to her if she cries.

Shouldn't I be like that with my Father? He wants me to come to Him with anytime. He is never too busy to hear my grunts and groans...or my complaints. Yet when I need to talk to Him the most, I try to get my words to sound wise and proper and say "Lord" about 75 times...or better than that...I get sidetracked and stop talking to Him altogether. What a lesson to learn! I make something so hard that my (almost) one year old does better than me...come just like I am.
Pretty Brown Eyes


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