Friday, August 5, 2011

Lesson 5: Loving With No Limits

I got up this morning, made some coffee, and sat down to give Julia her bottle. I was flipping through the channels and stopped in on The Today Show. Kathie Lee and Hoda were on...I know what some of you are thinking...but when you don't have cable, Kathie Lee and Hoda are a pleasant change from my daily dosage of Dora.

I anyway, Kathie Lee was updating the viewing audience on a controversy that took place on the show yesterday, which was a segment on issues women have with their mother-in-law. The segment caused a lot of women to write in and say that their daughter-in-law can be a problem too and The Today Show needed to address that issue as well! So today she and Hoda began the discussion of how the mother-in-law problem was also a daughter-in-law problem and their discussion took a turn to talking about hard relationships in life.

I know this is really had to be watching to understand that this was slightly interesting.

Kathie Lee said that being married was the hardest relationship and Hoda said that she thought raising kids was harder. This is where the conversation truly caught my interest. They began sharing their side of the argument and then Kathie Lee made this comment:

"Children are easy to love unconditionally. It is harder to love your husband that way."

And naturally my thought process turned toward Julia and Tim. And these questions popped in my mind...

"Do I love Tim unconditionally?"
"Do I have restrictions or boundaries around the way I show him how I feel?"
"Is it easier to love my daughter than my husband?"....WHOA!! All of that from Kathie Lee and Hoda??! I know...forgive me :)

To unconditionally love someone means that you have affections for them with no limits or conditions...a complete love.
It really is easy to love my child that way. The bond that started from the first time that little peanut showed up on the ultra-sound cannot be duplicated or created in any other kind of relationship and I think that's what makes marriage harder...loving a child just comes naturally. I can get so frustrated with Julia and in an instant I can be over whatever made me so angry with her. Not so easy with the hubby. It takes work for me to show love to him like that.
I may not always show unconditional love to my man...but I know deep down I sure do want to. Something tells me that this is not a case where "It's the thought that counts..." will give me any credit! Don't get me wrong...there is no question if I love my husband. I just don't always do the best job of showing him how much I love him.

So today's lesson is still a work in progress thanks to my relationship with Julia...and the wisdom and insight from Kathie Lee Gifford.

Still love him like this.

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Ashleigh-Anne: said...

I saw that segment this morning as well! Although, I didn't put as much thought into it as you did since I was still half asleep! :) Thanks for writing this---I need to work on this as well!